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Part # Description
BM01 Mack CH Center Plastic
BM01L Mack CH End (LH) Plastic
BM01LB Mack CH Bracket (LH) Steel
BM01R Mack CH End (RH) Plastic
BM01RB Mack CH Bracket (RH) Steel
BM02 Mack R Model 1977 & Later W/Vent & Tow Holes
BM03 Mack R Model 1977 & Later W/Vent, Light & Tow Holes
BM04 Mack Valueliner W/Vent & Tow Holes
BM05 Mack Valueliner W/Vent, Light & Tow Holes
BM06 Mack Superliner W/Vent & Tow Holes
BM07 Mack Superliner W/Vent, Light & Tow Holes
BM08 Mack Superliner II W/Light, Step & Tow Holes
BM09 Mack CH Thru 1992 W/Light, Step & Tow Holes
BM10 Mack CH SBA 1993 - Current W/Light, Step & Tow Holes
BM12 Mack RD690 1994 - Current W/Tow Holes
BM13 Mack CL SBA W/Center Tow Hole
BM16 Mack DM SBA
BM17 Mack RD, CU
BM18 Mack Vision, Painted, w/Tow Holes













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